Rohas Nagpal

Mindmaps by Rohas Nagpal

  • Bitcoin
    If you thought that Bitcoin is just 1 lonely cryptocurrency, you are in for a surprise. Check out this mind-map to understand what Bitcoin really is.
  • Blockchain Consensus

    Mindmap of some of the popular Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms.

  • Crypto Ecosystem

    The crypto ecosystem comprises currencies, derivatives, CBDCs, products & services, and protocols.

  • Crypto Investigation

    Mindmap on Crypto Investigation and Forensics

  • DeFi

    Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an umbrella term for financial applications powered by public blockchains. Learn more about DeFi with this mindmap.

  • Decentralized Storage

    Mindmap on Decentralized Storage: Blockchain-based persistence, Contract-based persistence, and Others.

  • Digital Assets

    Mindmap of Digital Assets.

  • Ethereum

    Mindmap on Ethereum for Developers

  • Future Money

    Mindmap on the 9 types of Money - Contraband Money, Corporate Money, Diplomatic Money, Environmental Money, Individual Money, Intrinsic Money, Math Money, Political Money, Synthetic Money

  • Metaverse

    Mindmap on the Metaverse ecosystem.

  • Web3 Mindmap

    Understand the various aspects of Web3 with this mindmap.

  • Web3 Tech Stack

    Web3 Tech Stack mindmap for developers