Blockchain Engineering Quiz

Q1. Which of these Blockchain performance indicators represents the transactions per second that a consensus algorithm can process?

Q2. Which type of blockchain nodes enable faster and cheaper transactions?

Q3. Which of the following should only be generated using a cryptographically secure pseudo-random number generator (CSPRNG)?

Q4. Which of these statements is FALSE for a 51% attack?

Q5. A developer is creating a contract aimed at preventing token losses due to transfers to non-compatible contracts.

The developer needs a standard that automatically checks if the receiving contract can handle incoming tokens, preventing common mistakes seen in previous standards.

Which token standard addresses this specific problem?

Q6. In a permissioned blockchain created using Multichain, what does the "create" permission enable an address to do?

Q7. Which of these does not enable a permissioned blockchain like HYFI to support KYC (Know Your Customer) laws?

Q8. You are developing a dApp that requires user-friendly login options, subsidized transaction fees, and efficient handling of multiple transactions. Which of these would you use?

Q9. Which of these is an accelerator for deploying production-ready distributed networks across cloud providers?

Q-10. Which of these is an interactive smart contract generator for Solidity and Cairo?