Blockchain Developer Course


Blockchain technology started off in 2008 with 1 usecase - Bitcoin.

Today, Blockchain has become a multi-trillion-dollar ecosystem with use cases like DAOs, DeFi, Metaverse & Gaming, NFTs, Web3 ...and even storage of COVID vaccine passports by the Government!

The Government of India is extremely bullish on Blockchain. You can check out the latest Blockchain Strategy report here.

Also check out the Government's dedicated portal here:

Blockchain Developer Course is a free course conducted by Rohas Nagpal and features live lectures, practicals, quizzes, and recorded videos.

What you get
  • Live lectures
  • Tons of practicals
  • Live Quizzes
  • Recorded videos
  • Course certificate
  • 1,000 LEARN Tokens
  • ... All for free !!

First batch starts on 1 August, 2022

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  • 1. Blockchain Basics
  • 2. Important Public Blockchains
  • 3. Create your own Blockchain
  • 4. Blockchain API
  • 5. Smart Contract Programming


  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • BNB Chain
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche
  • Setting up a cloud server, Setting up a blockchain, Querying the blockchain, Connecting to a blockchain
  • Permissions management, Asset issuance & re-issuance, Sending one-way payments
  • Atomic exchange transactions, Querying wallet balances & transactions, Message signing & verification, External key management, Multisignatures
  • Tatum REST API
  • Alchemy API
  • Introduction to Solidity, Vyper, and Rust
  • Understanding Solidity: Part 1
  • Understanding Solidity: Part 2
  • Creating an ERC20 token, Creating an ERC721 token


30 July (Saturday) @ 11am IST
The course introduction session
You can watch the recording here:

1 August (Monday) @ 7pm IST
Lecture 1: Understanding the Bitcoin Whitepaper (Part 1)
You can watch the recording here:

8 August (Monday) @ 7pm IST
Lecture 2: Understanding the Bitcoin Whitepaper (Part 2)
You can watch the recording here:

15 August (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 3: Blockchain Basics - Q/A and Quiz will be held on Crater:

22 August (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 4: Important Public Blockchains (Part 1) will be held on Crater:

29 August (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 5: Important Public Blockchains (Part 2) and Quiz will be held on Crater:

5 September (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 6: Create your own Blockchain (Part 1) will be held on Crater:

12 September (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 7: Create your own Blockchain (Part 2) will be held on Crater:

19 September (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 8: Create your own Blockchain (Part 3) and Quiz will be held on Crater:

26 September (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 9: Blockchain API (Part 1) will be held on Crater:

3 October (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 10: Blockchain API (Part 2) will be held on Crater:

10 October (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 11: Blockchain API (Part 3) and Quiz will be held on Crater:

17 October (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 12: Smart Contract Programming (Part 1) will be held on Crater:

24 October (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 13: Smart Contract Programming (Part 2) will be held on Crater:

31 October (Monday) @ 7pm IST

Lecture 14: Smart Contract Programming (Part 3) and Quiz will be held on Crater:

6 November (Sunday)

Last date for completing the Assessments