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Mindmaps by Rohas Nagpal

Title Overview
Bitcoin If you thought that Bitcoin is just 1 lonely cryptocurrency, you are in for a surprise. Check out this mind-map to understand what Bitcoin really is. (Last updated: 23rd January, 2021)
Blockchain Consensus Mindmap of some of the popular Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms. (Last updated: 21st January, 2021)
Crypto Ecosystem The crypto ecosystem comprises currencies, derivatives, CBDCs, products & services, and protocols. (Last updated: 08th May, 2021)
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an umbrella term for financial applications powered by public blockchains. Learn more about DeFi with this mindmap. (Last updated: 23rd April, 2021)
Ethereum Ethereum is not a blockchain. It's not a cryptocurrency either. It's actually a protocol (a set of rules or procedures). (Last updated: 28th April, 2021)
Facebook Diem This mindmap introduces the Diem coins, blockchain, Move programming language, Usecases, and Governance. (Last updated: 11th April, 2021)
Future Money Mindmap on the 9 types of Money - Contraband Money, Corporate Money, Diplomatic Money, Environmental Money, Individual Money, Intrinsic Money, Math Money, Political Money, Synthetic Money (Last updated: 11th February, 2021)
Future Money Masterclass Money is changing at an amazing speed. Stay clued in with the Future Money Masterclass by Rohas Nagpal. The Masterclass is ideal for Investors, CFOs, CAs, Advisors, Bankers, and Entrepreneurs. (Last updated: 13th April, 2021)
HyFi Blockchain Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Blockchain is a public blockchain operated by verified entities having zero transaction fees, high transaction speeds, and 100% KYC & AML compliance. (Last updated: 09th April, 2021)
HyFi NFTs Mindmap on the HyFi (Hybrid Finance) Blockchain's approach to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). (Last updated: 30th November, -0001)
Non-Fungible Token (NFT) This mindmap explores the NFT platforms, cryptos, standards, characteristics, and use-cases. (Last updated: 05th March, 2021)
Public Blockchains Mindmap of 30 public blockchains based on their consensus mechanisms. (Last updated: 07th April, 2021)
Types of cryptos Mindmap on 26 types of cryptocurrencies. (Last updated: 31st March, 2021)
War of the Privacy Coins I got introduced to cryptocurrencies almost a decade ago while assisting a law enforcement agency in a case of organized criminals using bitcoin. Those were the days when Silk Road ruled. Today, I don't think it makes sense for savvy criminals to use Bitcoin anymore. There are so many "privacy coins" out there. Disclaimer: I am not saying that only criminals use privacy coins. This is a mindmap of my 5 favorite privacy coins. (Last updated: 15th April, 2021)
War of the Tokens This mindmap shows the market caps (in US$) of the most important tokens across these 6 blockchains: Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, Cosmos. (Last updated: 15th April, 2021)

Articles by Rohas Nagpal

Title Overview
Framework for valuing cryptocurrencies What is the true value of Bitcoin? Or ETH? Or any other cryptocurrency? To answer this question, I am developing the R.O.H.A.S. Valuation Framework for cryptocurrency coins & tokens. R.O.H.A.S. is an acronym for Revenue, Organization, History, Algorithm & Social parameters. (Last updated: 24th February, 2021)
Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) This article covers some NFT FAQs, the NFT Mind-map, NFT standards, NFT metadata, and NFT cryptocurrencies to watch for. (Last updated: 17th March, 2021)
HyFi Blockchain: the world’s first hybrid finance blockchain Hybrid Finance (HyFi) Blockchain is a public blockchain operated by verified entities having zero transaction fees, high transaction speeds, and 100% KYC & AML compliance. (Last updated: 09th April, 2021)
Should marketers pay users for their attention? If you are reading this, you are giving me your attention. Human "attention" is a tradeable commodity like oil, gold, or rice. Should people be paid for their attention? If your answer is yes, read on... (Last updated: 14th January, 2021)