Rohas Nagpal

Rohas Nagpal is an Author, and Chief Blockchain Architect of the Hybrid Finance (HYFI) Blockchain.


About Rohas Nagpal

Rohas Nagpal is an Author, Chief Blockchain Architect of the Hybrid Finance (HYFI) Blockchain, and co-founder of Asian School of Cyber Laws.


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UseCrypto is a social initiative to increase the use of cryptocurrencies for payments. UseCrypto is helping bars, cafes, restaurants, and other local businesses to accept crypto payments.


Tokenization Expert (TE+) Program

Build a career in the multi-trillion dollar Asset Tokenization sector with the Tokenization Expert (TE+) Program from Rohas Nagpal.


Blockchain Engineer (BE+) Program

Learn to build decentralized networks, design BaaS solutions, integrate blockchain into existing systems, and deploy & manage dApps.


Whisky Investing Playbook

Whisky in Casks is called "liquid gold" because of its economic potential, and its tangible, appreciating nature. Learn how to profit from Liquid Gold with the Whisky Investing Playbook.

Blockchain Engineering Playbook

Blockchain Engineering Playbook 2024

This Playbook covers Blockchain Basics & APIs, Network Security & Privacy, Node Maintenance & Optimization, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain, and more.


Tokenization Playbook 2024

A practical guide to tokenizing assets on the Blockchain - Art, Carbon Credits, Copyright Licenses, Diamonds, Private Equity, Rare Collectibles, Real Estate, Structured Products, Tax Deeds, and Whisky Casks.


Mindmaps & Spreadsheets

Mindmaps & Spreadsheets on Blockchain Consensus, Crypto Investigation, Decentralized Storage, DeFi, Digital Assets, Future Money, Token Economics, Tokenization of Assets, and many more.