Rohas Nagpal

Rohas Nagpal

Author & Blockchain Architect

About me

I started my career in the early 1990s as a hacker. Those were the days of Solaris, FreeBSD, Windows NT & Novell NetWare. My life-long love affair with Cryptography started when I chanced upon David Chaum's work on blind digital signatures and the "Handbook of Applied Cryptography" by Menezes, Oorschot & Vanstonemy...
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Web3 Developer Course (FREE)

Web3 Developer Course is a FREE course covering: (1) Blockchain 101 (2) Build your own Blockchain (3) Coding Basics (4) Blockchain APIs (5) Crypto APIs (6) Web3 Technology Stack for Developers
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Blockchain Law

Executive Program in Blockchain Law is a 2-month online course conducted by me for Asian School of Cyber Laws. It covers the legal framework around the Blockchain ecosystem - Crypto Assets, DAOs, DeFi, Metaverse, Tokenization & Web3.
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Token Economics

Token Economics is the umbrella term for the economic models & token distribution methods in the Blockchain & Crypto World.
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