Startup Law Masterclass

Failure to comply with the law can lead to massive fines for startups and even jail time for founders and key employees. Learn about the legal compliances applicable to Indian startups in this masterclass conducted by Rohas Nagpal.

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Masterclass details

    Saturday, 14th September, 2019
    10am to 5pm
    Fees: Rs. 10,000


  • 1. Overview of Indian Legal System
    Criminal Law, Civil Law, Regulators, Government Schemes & Benefits, Startup India

  • 2. Company Law
    Incorporation, Share capital, Directors, Sweat equity, ESOPs, Compliances

  • 3. Fund raising
    Equity, convertible & non-convertible debt, Term Sheet, Shareholder’s Agreement

  • 4. Taxation Law
    Personal Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Professional Tax, Securities Transaction Tax, Perquisite Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Marginal Tax, Goods and Services Tax (GST), Custom Duty, , Compliances

  • 5. Labour & employee related law
    Employee Register, Wage Register, Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

  • 6. Intellectual Property
    Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secrets, Patents

  • 7. Cyber & Data Protection Law

  • 8. Contracts & Agreements
    NDAs, Terms of use, Privacy policy, Software licences

Target Audience

    This masterclass is suitable for founders and key employees of startups.

About Rohas Nagpal

    This masterclass will be conducted by Rohas Nagpal, co-founder of Rohas Nagpal.

    He has assisted the Government of India in framing draft rules and regulations under the Information Technology Act.

    He has authored 18 books & whitepapers in Financial Law, Company Law and Cyber Law.

    Rohas Nagpal on LinkedIn

    Rohas Nagpal speaking about Basic Legal Terms & Concepts.