Poor man's view of the world

Its been 24 hours since we began playing around with U3... and I am impressed to say the least. If a suitable number of developers (and  buyers!) show interest in U3, it has a great future...unless the next Microsoft operating system supports USB autorun 😉

My friend and collegue Abhijeet Parandekar just broke up with his girl friend of many years. Instead of drowning his "dukh" in Vodka .. he decided to "code" some happiness into his life....by creating a simple U3 app for data privacy.

Based on the excellent open source project "True Crypt", his app is titled "MySecrets". The app (and the source code) and the 10MB MySecrets digital safe can be downloaded from here.


IMPORTANT: MySecrets is free to download, distribute, enjoy etc etc. In case of any comments, suggestions, bouquets and brickbats...please contact Abhijeet directly....NOT ME!

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