Poor man's view of the world

My 18 month daughter can port an app to u3 (just kidding but it's actually very simple). Just follow these simple steps:

1. Install U3 Package Prototyper onto your U3 portable drive. (You can get it from www.u3.com)

2. Using the U3 Package Prototyper that you have installed on your portable drive, create a u3p file based upon your application. (You need to select the source directory, destination directory and the main executable for your application).

3. Open your u3p file with WinZip and extract the manifest.u3i file. [Do not rename the u3p file to .zip]. Edit the manifest.u3i file. (Usually you only need to change the application name and description). After editing, add this file back to the u3i file.

4. That’s it! Now just use the “Add Programs” tab of your u3 launchpad and add the modified u3i file. You can use the “Manage U3 Programs” to set the program to “start on insertion”.