Poor man's view of the world

Die Hard 4.0

Its got a ton of action...even more than the earlier movies. Some scenes could have been left out (especially the one where Bruce Willis is "riding" on the back of an F35 jet!!)

I expected a lot more "geeky" stuff.. and on that front the movie was a very big disappointment. No interesting equipment really (other than a foldable keyboard !!). All "hacking" scenes were kiddish to say the least.

Saddest thing of the movie -  Maggie Q is killed too early in the movie 🙂

Most interesting place - Warlock's "command center"(actually his mother's basement).

Silliest Character -  FBI Assistant Director Bowman (played by Cliff Curtis).

Best scene - shutdown of Washington D.C.'s traffic system.

Overall rating - see it for the hard action scenes and maybe for Maggie Q 🙂