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Alternate data streams (ADS) are a very interesting feature of of the NTFS file system .

In this post I am giving a simple code to hide an exe in a text file and subsequrntly run the exe using a batch file. I presume you are familiar with the basics of ADS. If not click here before you proceed.

Sample code:

In this example we will hide an exe named "sanya.exe" in a text file named "tanya.txt". Both these files are in the g drive

Step 1: Go to WinXP command prompt and type :
type g:\sanya.exe>g:\tanya.txt:sanya.exe

Step 2: To run the exe, go to WinXP command prompt and type :
start g:\tanya.txt:sanya.exe

Thats it!

For a batch file you can use start %cd%tanya.txt:sanya.exe


1. If you want to run this from a pen drive, first convert the pen drive to NTFS using convert g: /fs:ntfs

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